Finaly back on the road

Finally, summer has come to Sweden and Tess in Toulouse are back on the road, this time aiming to take over the islands on the east coast fo Sweden…so far, so good.

What a beautiful first day of the tour! We spent it at Landsort – the most southern island of the Stockholm archipelago, where we were invited to play at the opening of a big bakery inside the hostel run by Tess’s cousin Anne. Welcomed with open arms we managed both to do an highly appreciated gig and try everything the bakery had to offer. Literally everything…

We spent the afternoon swimming off the cliffs and sailing a boat from the middle ages with our new found friends Malva & Tuva Lo.


We then had another gig at the pub/restaurant ”Saltboden” which is located right by the little harbour. From where we stood we had the most beautiful view overlooking the sunset, and it was pure magic to perform in such an atmosphere.

It was a close to surreal feeling leaving Landsort with our own boat driving into the sunset with the whole restaurant lovingly waving goodbye and calling out ”Good luck in Gotland!” We all sat in silence smiling the whole way back to shore.


After an intense last weekend in Berlin calmer days in Copenhagen awaited us. We arrived in the middle of the night and eventually we found the wonderful Villa Villekulla- house which was well hidden within the garden. A real size lion was watching over the night-snacks our new host kindly had left our for us. Ulla is a charming lady who has won all of our hearts, party by taking care of us as royalties but mostly because she’s an inspiration in how to age in style, with an active life and a great sence of humour. It’s made us wonder if maybe there’s a cool artistic and witty old lady trapped inside every old lady who thinks it’s her obligation to only bake cakes and talk about flowers?

Rainy cold weather and a sick Tess made us slow down for a couple of days but on Thursday we had a indoor-candlelight-picnic-concert for an audience mostly consisting of Ullas friends and a big group of Copenhagen Couchsurfers from all over the world. A beautiful evening which we ended properly by practicing the morning-gymnastics-salsa-moves in a real danish salsa-club!

Scaringly close to something out of swedish movie ”Torsk på Tallinn” we also managed to store some great wines for the summer before leaving german and danish prices behind and spent a day in Malmö to meet up with our wonderful friend and coach Peter Tegnér for lunch and coffee.

At night we played at one of Malmö’s most popular restaurants/bars called Carib Kreol. We were warmly welcomed by the lovely manager Patrik and enjoyed their wonderful food and drinks before performing. The gig was different from our other experiences on the tour, performing in a noisy restaurant/bar meant struggling to catch peoples’ attention but we’re pleased with our job and we were very happy to see old friends in the audience!


After a lovely roadside-breakfast in the sun with our new Dresden-friends we got back to Berlin and moved in with the lovely boys in Prenzlauer berg. Rafael, Marcel, Markus & Mattias have welcomed us into their home with open arms. At night we played at bar Tristeza in Neukölln, with the audience full of old and new friends. Thanks everyone for coming and being supersupportive! Dancing til 7.30 in the morning was a great way to celebrate afterwards.

Mauer Park

We had a great sunday in Mauer Park, playing for a big group of friends and a lot of people gathering around us as soon as we started! Taking over the amfitheatre where the karaoke is usually held, we also played for a superenthusiastic audience in the sunset. People took all their stuff to move closer, get involved, sing along and dance! Another memorable moment and another reason to never want to leave…

Thank you Dresden

Friday afternoon we packed our car and left for Dresden which is located 3 hours south of Berlin and organizer Stephan had done a great job fixing eveything from backstagedrinks, dinner and breakfast for the next morning. We were the headline out of 3 acts and we started playing aorund midnight. The club was held in a small place but it was completely crowded with people listening, dancing and even singing along after listening to the songs on Myspace before the show! The energy was through the roof! Thanks Dresden, we’ll be back!

On the way home we stopped to see some lovely german scenery, great to be out of the city for a while!

Berlin Health Project

Feeling like we want to give something back to the Berlin society we decided to make the city a healthier place by spreading our wonderful morning gymnastics to eeeveryone! We do 45 minutes of yoga, african, strength, hiphop, salsa and stretching in various places to make sure every Berliner gets inspired, or at the very least a reason to smile.

Clubbing, gig at LUX and other great things.

After a calm day with an excellent indian dinner the combined rehearsal/preparty could finally start. We put up the PA in our hostel- room and focused on learning a new swing- song called ”Fast forward”.  It’s all about sex , surprice surprice.

We went to an undergroundclub that was more underground than anyone of us had ever seen before. Brilliant. No photos allowed. Noone can hear you scream. Moving on we found an electro club in an old warehouse, we went all in and owned the dancefloor surrounded by people high on life… or other things.

Yesterday we split up to do some touristy stuff before heading off to the L.U.X. Such an inspiring environment, great arena and lovely people who hosted it. We played as as one of the last acts, it was a tough audience but we managed to charm them eventually! After having pizza at 2am it was time to say goodbye to our happy hangarounds who flew back to Stockholm this morning. Thanks Klara and Hannes for great times, you’ve been the best hangarounds a band could ask for!

Loving Berlin

Just when we thought life couldn’t get better…it did. We left sweden thursday morning and today (Monday morning) we wake up with aching muscles, happy smiles and already so many great memories we’re not sure where to begin the story… This is a summary of the days passed since leaving stockholm:

We were welcomed with open arms by Lena and Magnus in Malmö who made space for five people on their livingroom- floor. We had big falafels and a night of red wine, cheese, and jamming. Thanks for a luxorious start of our tour guys! Jocke also bought a gps from some guy so that we would be less lost in the streets of europe.

We drove all the way to Berlin from Malmö (with one stop for morning gymnastics outside a petrolstation…) We learned that all streetnames in germany sound the same and ended up in the Berlin equivalent of Skärholmen before finding Kora’s house. Ate good pasta and beer for less than 40sek and decided we might never go home again.

In Kora’s house the party was already on and we surpriced everyone with a groovy gig in Koras big room, highly appreciated and flyers were of course handed out to everyone! Kora has lent us her whole room and we were treated like royalties.

Saturday morning (read 3pm) we had our first real morning- gymnastics J everyone in the band has chosen and leads the others in 2 songs each, it’s a 40 minute long yoga/dance/strength-workout and the plan is to do it everyday… so far so good!

The Road junky film festival has been a great part of the weekend, alternative travelers gathered from all over to share documentaries, travel stories and dancing to Balkan music, in all a  brilliant idea! We played a short appreciated gig after the screenings and later on we initiated something that turned into a HUGE sambapercussion-jam with glassbottles, chairs -whatever people could get hold of. It seriously went on for an HOUR non stop, people were like in trance, magic!

Sunday afternoon we spent in Mauer park shopping at the famous market, listening to bad karaoke in the amphitheatre drinking caipirinhas. Life could be worse…