Tape recording

Right now the band is in song writing mode and really enjoying it! We just tape recorded two of the new songs in Real Music Studios – good fun and we’re hoping to release them before the end of this year. We’ll of course let you know when it’s out and if we don’t talk til then – Merry christmas to all of you!

Memories from Gotland

Here comes, finally, a glimpse of the highlights from our Gotland tour in the summer. As you can see we had a great time both on and off stage – as always! The two weeks included lots of gigs, great times with new and old friends, young guest stars, great weather and food. This time we played almost all our gigs in the city of Visby, next year we’re hoping to see more of the countryside!


Finally back at Landsort!

Landsort is the most southern island of the Stockholm archipelago and one of our favorites – it’s a beautiful place and full of friendly islanders. We started off playing outside the cosy bakery connected to the hostel run by Tess’s cousin Anne and her husband Lennart. It was a nice concert with a lot of day tourists enjoying the music and the best cinnamon buns for miles!

At night we played at Saltboden, the local pub run by lovely Hanna Wallander which was fully booked by islanders – they’d been waiting for our return since last year we were told ☺ And so it seemed – several people in the audience knew the lyrics by heart after buying our album last year and the concert turned into quite a party with people singing along and young enthusiastic dancers! A memorable evening to say the least, thanks Landsort! And thanks to Jessica and Anne-Marie for coming out with us to support and even helping out with backing vocals! :)

All in all we had wonderful days on the island being fed great food, drinking great local beer, swimming in the sea and meeting new friends. We also got the chance to visit Tess’s auntie and uncle and watch the 100 year old boats in Nynäshamn before taking the night ferry to Visby.


Goodnightsun in Malmö 15/7

After recovering from two long nights of fun we headed south to Malmö
and to the lovely Peter Tegnér’s event ”Goodnightsun – musik i
solnedgången”. Usually the concerts are set by the water outdoors, but
- having pretty much the worst swedish summer in history – we weren’t
all that chocked to have to move the concert indoors because of the
weather.. It still turned out to be a gorgeous evening though, the
whole place filled up completely by a super attentive audience which
made it a pure joy to perform. I, the singer of this band, felt very
much like the storyteller I ’d like to be – present in every word. A
glorious feeling, thank you Malmö and Peter for a great night!

Eileens FolkFest in Lidköping 13-14/7

A warm welcome makes all the difference for a musician, be it on or
off stage! At Eileens Folkfest we had the luxury to enjoy both, being
well looked after by a wonderful crew and getting a great response
from a wonderful audience. Eileens folkfest really is a happening in
town and the Lidköping crowd is a merry bunch to say the least;
clapping, singing, dancing and cheering – to our tunes as well as to
the tunes of some japanese guys playing nordic folkmusic and of course
to the tunes of wellknown swedish bands like Hoven Droven and Räven.
We had some great days of performing, dancing like crazy, being
inspired by other bands, meeting new friends, enjoying the beautiful
surroundings etc.


On Friday the 13th of july we’ll begin a 3 week tour, starting at The
Eileens Folk Festival, finishing in Visby – with some awesome stops in
between! We hope to see you all along the way? For information on gigs
and venues, check out the calendar here: (länk?) We heard the weather
is gonna be great too (as a compensation for a terrible rainy first
month of summer in Sweden:) which is lucky since most of our gigs are
outdoors like always…

Being on tour with Tess in Toulouse means getting to play live almost
every day, which is beyond awesome, but it also means jam sessions in
the car and in parks along the way, playing music in the streets,
meeting new friends, eating great food, having cold beers in the sun,
crazy morning gymnastics while people either stare or join in,
excursions to local fun places etc etc. See why we’re looking forward
to this?!!

As mentioned before, the year that’s passed since last summer has been
full of challenges for the band; vocal chord problems, bandmembers
away on travels, and around easter our bass player Klara decided to
quit the band. Although no hard feelings involved, it was still a
great loss for the band and a BIG challenge to replace this
wonderfully talented woman. We all love Klara like a sister and wish
her the best of luck with her new goals in life! We also want to thank
her for her engagement in this band, both musically and otherwise, and
for many great memories of good times!

Having planned a summer tour already the search began for a new bass
player! It felt like an endless search but at the end of the tunnel we
finally found a man of great wit, quick fingers and an awesome
falsetto :) We’re now happy and proud to introduce you to David
Lindberg, who will be with us for at least this summer – come see us
live soon to get to know him better..

Soon, soon, soon we’re OFF but stay tuned for more updates – we’ll
keep you posted along the way!




Nu lämnar jag Tess in Toulouse

Hej Vänner.
Jag har med stort vemod i själen valt att sluta som basist i Tess in Toulouse.
Olika faktorer har spelat in när jag valt att ta detta jättesvåra beslut, men framför allt handlar det om att jag behöver prioritera mig själv och min egen tid mycket mer. Så kan det vara ibland – det är så otroligt kul att spela med dessa människor – men ett fullbokat liv med fantastiska människor är fortfarande ett fullbokat liv… Min nya utgångspunkt blir ledig tid. =)
Jag kommer att sakna både Tess in Toulouse och våran fantastiskt lojala publik otroligt mycket, så jag tar tillfället i akt att ta farväl av er allihop på Tess in Toulouse’s sommarfest Hemma hos Kaj (länk) för att sedan lämna över till en ny basist, med nya friska idéer och nya musikaliska influenser.
Jag önskar Tess Mellberg, Markus Hahn och Mårten Pella ett stort Lycka till och ett ännu större TACK för den tid som varit och alla hyss och tokiga påhitt vi haft för oss tillsammans!

Puss och Kram
Klara Stenfelt


Friska och återförenade med sommaren i sikte!

Både rösten och gitarristen är tillbaka, hurra!! Efter en höst med sångförbud för Tess pga svullna stämband och en vinter med Markus resandes i Sydostasien är vi äntligen friska och återförenade och ser fram emot vad som ser ut att bli en fantastisk spelsommar för Tess in Toulouse! I planerna ingår t ex stor fest på Hemma hos Kaj, Eileens folkfest i Lidköping, spelningar i skärgården och 2-3 veckors spelningar på Gotland! Exakta datum finns/kommer att finnas i kalendern här på hemsidan!

Våren invigdes i helgen med spelning i Hammarbykyrkan följt av en underbar bandhelg på Kalvudden i Roslagens skärgård! En massa repande, färdigställande av nya låtar och planering inför sommarens spelningar. Åååh det är så kul att skriva och spela nytt och vi är sjukt pepp på att spela våra nya låtar för er!! Premiären för dem blir en jättefest på hemma hos Kaj den 25 maj, ni som var där förra året minns va? Vi hoppas på minst lika grym stämning och på att vår favvo-Neil ska DJ:a igen, mer info kommer så fort allt är bestämt!

Våra fantastiska respektive Jocke, Jessica och Micke var också med under helgen och förgyllde vår lediga tid – som i vanlig ordning ägnades mest åt god mat och gott vin. Om någon mot förmodan lyckats missa det är hela Tess in Toulouse galna i mat…


The autumn leaves…

aren’t really helping at all… The hot chocolate on the other hand :) Winter is late in Stockholm and feelings are mixed about it; some of us are longing for the snow while others – not so much. Personally I am happy to not freeze my ass off just yet and am still trying to get my head around the fact that it gets pitch dark at 4pm.

So what’s happening with the band you might wonder? Well, my vocal chords are swollen at the moment so we spend our time with the band jamming without vocals, writing new songs and booking gigs for next summer. In short – life is still pretty sweet even though I miss singing like crazy! Oh I almost forget to tell you, we finally have a rehearsing studio in central Stockholm, it’s pure brilliance after years of traveling outside the city carrying heavy instruments back and forth.

We’re working hard to hopefully play festivals next summer and we’ll definitely go back to Gotland – it’s become our new favorite place to play! We’re also hired by the county council to play in hospitals 2012-2013 which we are really excited about – hoping to spread love and music to those who need it the most.

The dream about going on tour to Australia next winter is still alive aswell. Hot chocolate in all glory, but for us Sheilas (girls born in Australia) there are few things that beat a cold beer at the beach.

Daytrip to Fårö!

Beach in non beachy weather

On our only day off we took the bus all around the northern island of Gotland; Fårö.

Having lunch on top of a “Rauk”, one of the must sees in Gotland.

On our way back to the car we found a trace of shoes, leading up to a what seemed to be a very randomly located “Shoe cemitary” where people had donated there worn out shoes. Tess, who’s already known to avoid shoes at any given opportunity, of course donated hers too…

Thinking the randomness would end there we were proven wrong once again when out of the forest comes an old man who brings us to his beautiful and exhibition of “things made out of lost items in general and shoes in particular”… amazing art created by two men with an obvious sense of humor and childlike minds!

Check out this “street musician” for example!