Loving Berlin

Just when we thought life couldn’t get better…it did. We left sweden thursday morning and today (Monday morning) we wake up with aching muscles, happy smiles and already so many great memories we’re not sure where to begin the story… This is a summary of the days passed since leaving stockholm:

We were welcomed with open arms by Lena and Magnus in Malmö who made space for five people on their livingroom- floor. We had big falafels and a night of red wine, cheese, and jamming. Thanks for a luxorious start of our tour guys! Jocke also bought a gps from some guy so that we would be less lost in the streets of europe.

We drove all the way to Berlin from Malmö (with one stop for morning gymnastics outside a petrolstation…) We learned that all streetnames in germany sound the same and ended up in the Berlin equivalent of Skärholmen before finding Kora’s house. Ate good pasta and beer for less than 40sek and decided we might never go home again.

In Kora’s house the party was already on and we surpriced everyone with a groovy gig in Koras big room, highly appreciated and flyers were of course handed out to everyone! Kora has lent us her whole room and we were treated like royalties.

Saturday morning (read 3pm) we had our first real morning- gymnastics J everyone in the band has chosen and leads the others in 2 songs each, it’s a 40 minute long yoga/dance/strength-workout and the plan is to do it everyday… so far so good!

The Road junky film festival has been a great part of the weekend, alternative travelers gathered from all over to share documentaries, travel stories and dancing to Balkan music, in all a  brilliant idea! We played a short appreciated gig after the screenings and later on we initiated something that turned into a HUGE sambapercussion-jam with glassbottles, chairs -whatever people could get hold of. It seriously went on for an HOUR non stop, people were like in trance, magic!

Sunday afternoon we spent in Mauer park shopping at the famous market, listening to bad karaoke in the amphitheatre drinking caipirinhas. Life could be worse…



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